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 Hollywood golden age sparks happy memories for Barnsley care home residents

Hollywood golden age sparks happy memories for Barnsley care home residents

By 20th September, 2021 Press Releases No Comments

MARYLN Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are just some of the Hollywood golden age starlets to appear in a beauty bible created by residents at a Barnsley care home.

The tribute to fifties and sixties glamour was put together by staff and residents at Deangate Care Home, Towngate, Mapplewell, following a discussion about their favourite era.

As many of the residents entered adulthood during this period of post-World War Two prosperity, they have fond memories of getting glammed up for a night at the town’s dance halls, as well as seeing their favourite stars on the big screen.

The care home’s activities coordinator, Rachael Addy, printed dozens of photographs of the leading actresses of the time, including Elizabeth Taylor, Bridget Bardot and Twiggy, which were collated into a beauty bible for residents to browse.

Residents then picked their favourite makeup style and enjoyed an afternoon of pampering and makeovers – with several sharing their favourite memories from their younger days.

Marion Batty, 85, said: “Me and my friends used to go to the Drill Hall in Barnsley every weekend.

“In the 1950s and 1960s everyone was so friendly and kind and if anyone was in need there was always someone to help you.

“People used to dress impeccably, not like today where people dress in baggy, unattractive clothing. Ladies don’t look like ladies anymore. They used to be so glamorous.

“My favourite film star from the era was Audrey Hepburn. She was so classical and elegant. Not like some other film stars.

“I really enjoyed the makeover. It made me feel like a million dollars. If the dance hall was still open, I would have gone and danced the night away.”

Betty Dobinson, 89, said: “I used to love getting all dressed up in the 1960s and going dancing with my late husband, Roy. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my makeup on. I loved the glamour from that era. It was such a magical era.”

Sylvia Appleyard, 81, said: “There used to be a large group of my friends that went out together every weekend. Times were simpler back then. Women were just learning to express themselves.

“I couldn’t believe how special I felt after the makeover. I couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror.”

Norah Collet, 77, said: “I used to go dancing with my husband, who I met at a jazz club in 1962. We used to be regulars at the Trentham Gardens jazz club.”

Activities coordinator Rachael said: “I decided to do this beauty bible as the looks from those eras laid the foundations for some of the most influential beauty and film looks of all time.

“It was also important for me to get the residents talking about feeling good about themselves and reliving their youth through this beauty book.

“As well as giving them a makeover, the activity brought back many fond memories for our ladies, and they all had a great time discussing where they used to go out with their friends and husbands.”

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