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Established in 2001, we have over 20 years’ experience in the Care Sector

Hill Care was established over 20 years ago by John Hill who bought his first care home, Burton Closes Hall in Bakewell.

The intervening years have seen a series of expansions and Hill Care now operates 38 care homes across the North of England.

Our management team has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to ensure that the very highest standards of care are provided. We work hard to ensure that our residents are safe and comfortable.

Passionate about Resident Care and Reputation

We are passionate about the care that we provide and our staff are trained and equipped to deal with every aspect of care that could arise.

We believe that by treating people as individuals and getting to know them, we can better help them enjoy a better quality of life; nobody is simply considered as a ‘number’.

Experienced in planning and dealing with uncertainty

Many of us take our health for granted on a daily basis. Care is not something that people generally think about; until they need it. We understand this and recognise that when the time does come to consider care homes for a loved one, it is a very difficult and strange time for the entire family unit.

The uncertainly of what lies ahead, in most cases, is the main barrier that people face. Any unknown situation is one that creates a certain amount of apprehension and is a common feeling.

Friendly Ethos

At Hill Care we work with you to alleviate these feelings, keeping you up to date and informed at all times in order to ensure that you have the time, support and help you need to deal with the occurring changes in your life. Our friendly caring ethos is something that are immensely proud of, and something that we work hard to deliver to each family and resident that walks through any of our doors.

Personal Care Planning and active engagement

We provide a stimulating and active environment for our residents by offering a wide range of activities that are appropriate and in line with their care plan. We also encourage the continued participation of existing hobbies. We believe that this, combine with social interaction between residents and residents’ families is a great way to ensure that our residents have the best possible quality of life.

Sensitive to Needs

Our team strives to preserve the dignity, individuality and privacy of all of our residents within a welcoming and caring atmosphere. In doing so, we are sensitive to the ever changing needs that surround providing the highest possible levels of care.