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 Superwoman Rachael skydives for elderly care home residents

Superwoman Rachael skydives for elderly care home residents

By 28th June, 2024 Press Releases No Comments

SUPERWOMAN Rachael Addy overcame her fear of flying when she leapt from an aeroplane to raise funds for elderly residents at a Barnsley care home.

The activities coordinator for Deangate Care Home, in Mapplewell, has raised over £2,000 with her charity skydive, which will go towards day trips, activities, and events for the residents.

During weeks of fundraising, Rachael polled residents on what fancy dress she should wear for the tandem jump, with the caped hero superwoman getting the most votes.

Donned in red and blue and having dyed her hair red for the event, Rachael faced her fears and completed the 15,500ft fall from the sky on one of the hottest days of the summer so far.

Prior to the big day, she said: “I’m terrified of flying, so that is going to be the worst part for me. The actual jump doesn’t scare me as much.”

Describing the experience, Rachael said: “There was no count down, just a little rock and I was hanging out of the plane. Next thing we were out and free falling for 60 seconds at speeds up to 120mph.

“I was lucky enough to have it all filmed so the residents could witness the spectacle first-hand. My instructor Jan, who I did the tandem jump with, joined me in waving at the camera and doing superman poses.

“Then the parachute opened and it was a gentle glide back down to the ground. I immediately went over to the beaming faces of the ladies and gents who joined me for the day. I was so overwhelmed I cried, having done what I feared most and for the most amazing group of people I know.”

Rachael had arranged a coach to take residents, staff, family and friends to the airstrip to watch her skydive.

Among them was Frances Smith, 89, who said: “Rachael, I’m so glad you’re back with your feet on the ground. Thank you for what you have done but I’m so grateful you’re in one piece.”

Ian Dickinson, 91, said: “I’m so proud of you. Everyone here is so proud. Thank you for what you have done for us all.”

Maurice Churchouse, 94, said: “What a woman. Thank you for everything you do for us.”

Joan Giggal, 91, said: “I still can’t believe what Rachael has done for us. She is amazing and my best friend.”

Bill Dyson, 83, added: “Well, she did it better than me when I did it in the army. Well done and she’s still intact.”

Rachael plans to hold a premier of her skydiving film in the care home, for the benefit of residents who couldn’t attend the jump in person on the day.

The funds will go towards a trip to the seaside for residents and a Christmas panto, among other outings and activities.

Donations were made by various members of the community, including Staincross Methodist Church, and Globe Holidays provided sponsorship and a reduced rate on the coach.

Rachael Dawson, home manager at Deangate Care Home, said: “Everyone at Deangate Care Home is so proud of Rachael overcoming her fears and for such an amazing cause.

“She raised a fantastic amount for our residents’ fund and we’d like to thank all those who donated, particularly Staincross Methodist Church and Globe Holidays.

“Rachael is always looking for ways to raise funds for our residents so I’m sure it won’t be long until she comes up with another exciting event or activity.”

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