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 Elderly enjoy time travelling journey down memory lane

Elderly enjoy time travelling journey down memory lane

By 28th June, 2024 Press Releases No Comments

A TIME travelling journey down memory lane had elderly care home residents recalling their childhoods three-quarters of a century ago.

A trip to open air museum Beamish was more than a look into history for residents from Pelton Grange Care Home, in Pelton, County Durham.

The museum was a window into their younger years, sparking happy memories of growing up in mid-twentieth century Britain.

A walk past red bricked semi-detached council houses and terraces had Margaret Baker, 92, recalling her childhood home and cold winter nights.

She said: “There was no central heating. We had knitted blankets. And you were considered well off if you had an eiderdown.

“We had to scrape the ice off the inside of the windows during the winter. I would snuggle up next to my sister in our large solid wood bed just to keep warm.

“The springs on the bed frame used to squeak and we’d get told off for bouncing on the bed.”

A vintage Singer Treadle Sewing Machine had Jean Willis, 99, reminiscing about using hers to create bridal dolls for friends and family who were getting married.

The former clerk for Wills Tobacco was a keen amateur sewer and her dolls became very popular.

She said: “I would replicate the bride’s wedding gown as closely as possible to create a perfect match and gift them on their wedding day.

“They were so popular I had to have my old treadle operated Singer swapped for an electric one.”

The two ladies were joined for the visit by Pelton Grange Care Home activities coordinator Suzanne Pratt, carer Stephanie Stevens, and Madison Burns, a student from Gateshead College completing work experience.

At the museum’s 1900s photography studio, the group dressed in Victorian era gowns and summer hats to have their photo taken. They also enjoyed fish and chips, a hot cuppa, and a ride on a vintage bus.

Suzanne said: “Jean and Margaret had an amazing trip down memory lane during our day out at Beamish open air museum.

“The 1950s town sparked many happy memories for them both, recalling happy family times in an often overcrowded house. They even found the time to relive their childhood, playing on the roundabout.

“The weather wasn’t kind to us on the day, but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we all had an amazing time.”

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