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 Former nurse with dementia perfectly recalls healthcare skills

Former nurse with dementia perfectly recalls healthcare skills

By 7th September, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

AN 84-YEAR-OLD former nurse has been recalling her healthcare skills at the care home where she worked – despite her advanced dementia.

June Jennings is now a resident at Holmewood Care Home, where she worked for 25 years as a sister, along with fellow home Barnfield.

Her former duties included caring for the residents and managing the staff, some of whom still work at the two homes, on Barnfield Close, in Chesterfield.

She moved into the home in June 2018, having lived in Grassmoor and Holmewood during her career and eventual retirement.

Staff at Holmewood gave June the opportunity to relive her time as a sister, providing a uniform, stethoscope, thermometer and bandages.

Home manager Kathleen Richardson pretended to be unwell and June sprang to action, checking her chest, placing a saturation device on her finger to monitor oxygen levels and perfectly wrapping a bandage around her wrist.

Kathleen said: “When June first came to Holmewood, she already liked the environment, and despite the fact she had dementia you could tell she felt at home.

“With this in mind, we wanted to give her an opportunity to be able to relive her time as a sister.

“I pretended to be unwell and June was very willing to assist in finding out what was wrong. She knew exactly what to do and put the bandage on perfectly.

“I was amazed, as it shows clearly dementia may take your memory, but it does not take away who you are as a person. June will always and forever be a healthcare professional.”

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