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 Elderly interviewing applicants for jobs at their care home

Elderly interviewing applicants for jobs at their care home

By 13th September, 2019 Press Releases No Comments

JOB CANDIDATES at a Huddersfield care home have been getting the third degree from elderly residents as part of a new interview process.

Residents at Aden View Care Home, on Perseverance Street, Primrose Hill, have been brought into job applicant interviews to give them a greater say on who their carers and support workers will be.

They have been given free reign to ask the questions that matter to them, as well as answer any questions from the interviewees.

Resident Joyce Wilkinson, 96, interviewed Laura Jade Taylor for the position of activities coordinator. She said: “I was really excited about being involved. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Joyce asked: “what plans have you got?” Laura replied: “Bingo, singing, activities outside, community involvement with local churches, schools, brass bands and more.”

Laura also took an interest in what activities Joyce would like, asking: “what interests do you have?” and “do you like to go out?”.

The final verdict from Joyce: “She was lovely and looks nice.”

Another resident who got involved was Renee Mallinson, 87, who interviewed Janette Green, also for the activities coordinator position.

She said: “I was thrilled to help with the interviews. It reminded me of being back in the day, when I had a sweet shop, a butchers and a farm. The interviews were not so formal back then.”

Renee asked: “do you go to church?”. Janette said: “Yes, I’m involved with the local Honley church and visit regularly.”

After the interview, Renee concluded: “Janette was very pleasant and she is a very happy lady.”

Terry Hickson, 77, helped to interview Nayyer Ahmed for the position of unit manager.

He asked hard hitting questions such as “are you loud?”, adding “we don’t want anyone loud to disrupt us.”

He also asked about punctuality, adding: “We don’t want people turning up 15 minutes late all the time.” Following Nayyer’s response of “I always like to be on time”, Terry said: “Good cause we will not accept anyone that arrives late.”

Following her interview, Nayyer said: “I’ve worked in care previously but never had a client in the interview process. It was really nice for Terry to be involved.”

Kim Mckay, home manager at Aden View Care Home, said: “Interviewing for staff in a care home can be difficult, as it’s hard to know exactly how residents will respond to the potential new staff member in their home.

“So I had the idea of involving them in the interview process and it has worked so well. The residents are loving it and the response we’ve had from the candidates has been brilliant as well.

“The residents are taking the time to get to know the candidates and are asking some great questions to get to know them more.

“They can be quite frank and are loving getting involved, which is stimulating and giving them a sense of purpose. We will definitely continue to involve them from now on.”

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