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 Elderly enjoy Greek getaway at Sheffield care home

Elderly enjoy Greek getaway at Sheffield care home

By 7th November, 2023 News & Articles No Comments

A TASTE of Greece was enjoyed by Sheffield care home residents when they held a comedy Olympic games and put on a feast of Mediterranean delicacies.

The Greek Day took place at The Laurels and The Limes Care Home, on Manchester Road, as part of their ongoing “world tour”.

Earlier this year, the care home brought Bollywood to Broomhill when they held an India Day, enjoying traditional Indian cuisine and Bhangra dancing, and they’ve been off to Italy, taking virtual tours of the Colosseum, eating pasta and drinking prosecco. The Caribbean and the Philippines are among the other upcoming cultural days.

Their latest Greek getaway saw staff taking part in a limbo contest and egg and spoon race as part of a mini-Olympics judged by the home’s residents.

Participants were tasked with holding a balloon between their legs while racing from one side of the dining room to the other without dropping their eggs. Senior care assistant Ashleigh Huggins took gold, care assistant Antony Pullen got silver, and care assistant Barbara Kuchina picked up the bronze.

After the excitement of the games, residents were treated to moussaka with Greek style lemon wedges and ravani cake for dessert.

Patricia Clinton, 89, said: “The food reminded me of my younger days, travelling around the Greek islands.”

Patricia Spence, 87, said: “I haven’t laughed as much in a long time, watching the staff members do the egg and spoon race.”

Carla O’Neill, care assistant, said: “It was lovely to see all the residents laughing when Barbara popped Antony’s balloon during the egg and spoon race.”

Chris Cousins, general manager for The Laurels and The Limes, added: “Greece was the third stop on our world tour, as we visit the cultures of different countries, try their foods, learn about their history, and have fun at the same time.

“Everyone had a wonderful day and is looking forward to the next one.”

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