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 Winifred raises a glass of red to her 102nd birthday

Winifred raises a glass of red to her 102nd birthday

By 23rd April, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

FIRST World War baby Winifred Kennan has celebrated her 102nd birthday with a glass of red wine at the Merseyside care home where she lives.

Winifred marked her milestone birthday with a small party with staff at Aaron Grange Care Home, on Blacklow Brow, in Huyton.

Alongside cards, cakes and flowers from family and friends, she said she would like a glass of wine – which she sipped and said: “that’s a good red.”

The home is currently closed to non-essential visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Winifred’s family is planning a big party after restrictions are lifted.

Win, as she prefers to be called, was born on 20th April 1918, seven months before the end of the First World War.

Her father was in the merchant navy during the War and was killed before she was born – leaving a request that she be given the family name Winifred.

During the Second World War, Win was evacuated from Liverpool twice, once to Cheltenham and once to Wales, due to the Liverpool Blitz by the German Luftwaffe.

She later married Tobias “Tom” Kennan, with whom she was married for over 60 years before he passed away. Win said: “Tom was the best part of my life.”

Win and Tom lived in Liverpool, where he was a tailor and she was an infant school teacher. Win later taught older girls with special needs at a different school. The pair were also members of The Catenian Association and helped raise money for the poor.

Win said: “We never had children, as we were far too busy with work, but I am very close to my niece Loretta, daughter to my older sister, Ilene.”

Win moved into Aaron Grange Care Home in October 2017 and celebrated her centenary with staff, fellow residents and family the following year.

Amy Muscatelli, activities coordinator at Aaron Grange Care Home, said: “It has been such an honour to spend time with Win since she has been with us. She has a great sense of humour and it’s lovely to talk about her long life.

“She had a great time the party for her 102nd birthday and I know she’s looking forward to celebrating with family after the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.”