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 Water pistol shootout at Northumberland care home

Water pistol shootout at Northumberland care home

By 29th August, 2018 Press Releases Comments Off

A WATER pistol shootout took place at a Northumberland care home in celebration of World Water Week.

Water balloons were flying at The Oaks Care Home, in Blyth, as residents and staff got a soaking to mark the international day.

The watery fun and games took place in the home’s garden where there was also a bubble machine and paddling pools.

Flavoured water and ice pops were served to residents and visitors as part of the celebrations.

Ann Mielnik, home manager at The Oaks Care Home, on Durban Street, said: “Who says water fights are just for kids?

“What a great laugh for everyone. It certainly cheered us all up. Something very simple to bring a smile and some joy to everyone.”

Resident Ann Wallace said: “It was lovely, I loved the big bubbles and of course singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles”.”

Resident Dennis Allen added: “It was great. I loved it. My sister was here and she enjoyed it too.”

World Water Week is an annual event organised by water institute SIWI to raise awareness of global water issues.