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 Postcards helping to tackle loneliness at Worsley care home

Postcards helping to tackle loneliness at Worsley care home

By 20th November, 2019 Press Releases Comments Off

A BRITISH Airways stewardess is among those sending postcards to the elderly in Worsley as part of a Facebook campaign to tackle loneliness.

Residents at Alderwood Care Home, on Simpson Road, have received postcards from across the UK, as well as one from Los Angeles, in the USA.

The LA postcard came from a stewardess who was on a British Airways flight to the city famous for being the home of the movie industry.

Other postcards were sent from closer to home, including Torquey, Bristol, Blackpool, London, High Wycombe and Cornwall.

The cards began arriving after staff signed Alderwood Care Home up to Facebook group “Postcards of Kindness” – which lists homes for holidaymakers to write to.

The aim of the group: “To combat loneliness and isolation across the country and remind our residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them – regardless of where in the world the postcards have come from.”

Alongside reading the cards, the residents have been creating a display, and intend to write back to those who have included their address.

Emma Willoughby, home manager at Alderwood Care Home, said: “It’s so lovely that people across the UK and travelling abroad are thinking of our residents and writing to them.

“Every time a new postcard arrives the residents get excited about reading it and finding out where in the world it has come from.

“The postcards have been made into a display with a world map and we’re excited to keep adding to it as new postcards arrive. We would love to receive Christmas cards over the coming weeks to display around the home as well.

“Anyone who would like to write to our residents can send them to Alderwood Care Home, Simpson Road, Worsley, Greater Manchester, M28 1LT.”