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 Martin Luther King inspires care home residents’ dreams

Martin Luther King inspires care home residents’ dreams

By 24th January, 2019 Press Releases Comments Off

MARTIN Luther King Jr. has been inspiring Huddersfield care home residents to state their own dreams for the world.

A day of remembrance usually celebrated in the USA for the civil rights icon was marked by residents and staff at Aden Court Care Home, on Birkhouse Lane, Moldgreen.

During the day they learned about his campaign for civil rights and protesting racial discrimination in state and federal law in America.

They also listened to his famous “I have a dream” speech, which inspired them to write down their own dreams.

Resident Ruby Robson wrote “one day I dream all terrorism will end”.

Dorothy Morgan’s dream was “one day all knife crime will end”.

Echoing King’s own dream, husband and wife residents Susan and Dennis Donnelly wrote “to have all mankind being treated as equal”.

Margaret Bradley said her dream “was that one day there would be no more abuse”.

The residents also listened to Stevie Wonder’s song “Happy Birthday”, which he created as part of a campaign to have the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. become a national holiday in the USA.

Marie Wells, activities coordinator at Aden Court Care Home, said: “Residents chose to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. on the anniversary of his birthday, a date normally observed in America, and they learnt a lot about him.

“To hear the residents views and to see how passionate they were about their views brought tears to my eyes.”