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 Hospital patients and visitors get lesson in spotting a stroke

Hospital patients and visitors get lesson in spotting a stroke

By 23rd October, 2018 Press Releases Comments Off

PATIENTS and visitors at North Tees University Hospital have been getting lessons in how to spot a stroke.

Staff from Bannatyne Lodge Care Home, in Peterlee, visited the hospital as part of their ongoing fundraising campaign for the Stroke Association.

Alongside raising over £550 since the start of the year, staff have also been raising awareness of condition and the signs to look out for.

The latest fundraiser saw home manager Lynn Chapman, activities coordinator Dawn Minto and senior care assistant Hayler Grant run a bake sale – collecting over £50.

They also handed out goody bags to support the charity, which contained information on how to spot a stroke, balloons, wrist bands and key rings.

Lynn said: “It was so great to be able to equip people with the potentially life-saving knowledge of what to look for and do in the event of a stroke, such as remembering FAST – face, arms, speech and time.

“The Stroke Association is the Hill Care Group’s chosen charity and we’re so thrilled with the amount we’ve raised so far – and hope to raise much more for this very important cause.

“We’re really thankful to the hospital for inviting us to help spread the message and for supporting our fundraising.”

The Stroke Association FAST test involves:

  • Face: Can the person smile? Has their face fallen on one side?
  • Arms: Can the person raise both arms and keep them there?
  • Speech: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Is their speech slurred
  • Time: If you see any of these three signs, it’s time to call 999.