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 Cubs and care home residents become pen pals

Cubs and care home residents become pen pals

By 14th July, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

CUBS and care home residents have struck up pen pal friendships as part of a nationwide Scout Association initiative.

Members of Sheffield’s Fulwood Scout Group have been writing letters to those living at The Laurels and The Limes Care Home, on Manchester Road.

Group Scout Leader Keith Pitchforth got in touch with the home after the launch of “Care for Care Homes” by the Scout Association.

The initiative aims to reduce loneliness and help improve the wellbeing of people in care homes through various acts of kindness.

Some of the Group’s cub scouts were challenged to create rainbow pictures from any materials they had and to write chatty letters to residents, talking about the cubs and what they have been doing during the lockdown.

Eleanore, a Fulwood Scout Group cub, wrote: “Hello my name is Eleonore and I made this rainbow for you out of fruit and veg to remind you that things will get better soon.”

Seb, who made his rainbow from fruit, vegetables and coloured pens, wrote: “I made this rainbow with cubs and hope you enjoy it. I’ve been keeping active during lockdown and enjoyed the nice weather. How has lockdown been for you?”

Brothers Alex and Toby wrote: “We have been making lots and lots of rainbows to put out in the window. We hope you like this photo of this rainbow made out of Lego we created. If you do, you’re welcome.”

Residents responded to the cubs with their own rainbow cards, handmade using pipe cleaners, glitter and paint.

Resident Margaret Hewitt wrote: “Hello Benjamin. Thank you for your lovely letter. Reading your letter really brought back a lot of memories for me, as my grandfather and father were called Benjamin. Also my husband used to be a senior scout.”

Margaret Young wrote: “I like your rainbow. The last time I made one of these I was at school and that is a long time ago (I shall be 88 next year).”

Joyce Keen responded: “Thank you for your letter and telling me about your birthday. My next birthday will come in September, when I shall be 95, so I have many memories.

“At the present time I am watching snooker. I cannot play but I do enjoy watching and sometimes see them making mistakes and I can say “you silly man”. Good job they cannot hear me.”

Craig White, home manager at The Laurels and The Limes Care Home, said: “It was so kind of the Fulwood Scout Group to think of our residents for their Care for Care Homes initiative.

“The residents have absolutely loved receiving letters from the cubs and have gladly responded with their own rainbow cards and letters.

“We hope to be able to continue the pen pal friendships the residents and cubs have struck up in future.”

Keith Pitchforth, the group Scout leader for the Fulwood Scout Group, said: “I am extremely proud of all of our young people and volunteers.

“Throughout the lockdown, meeting the challenges of school at home, working from home and caring for family members, they have continued to show all of the values that Scouting promotes and, in the case of caring for care homes, thought about people who are separated from their families.”