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 94-year-old tuck lady serving fellow care home residents

94-year-old tuck lady serving fellow care home residents

By 2nd March, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

TUCK lady Ann Boothroyd is keeping her fellow care home residents in snacks after expressing she missed responsibility and a job.

The 94-year-old resident at Aden Lodge Care Home, on Long Lane, Clayton West, wanted something to keep her busy on a day-to-day.

The home’s activities coordinator Lisa McKay came up with the idea of a mobile sweet shop and Ann has since started wheeling her trolly round to her fellow residents at snack time.

Ann said: “I love it. I can go around the home and sell items to other residents as well as stop and have a little chat with everyone.

“I used to be very hard working and I missed having a job and responsibility.”

Ann was placed in a convent when she was a baby, having never known her parents or her long-lost sister.

She lived at the convent until the age of 15, when she was placed with a foster family, a doctor and his wife.

She later got a job as a bus conductor before going on to have a family of her own and becoming a housewife.

Ann and her late husband Hubert had one son, Thomas, who now has four children of his own.

Lisa McKay, activities coordinator at Aden Lodge Care Home, said: “Ann is a fantastic example of age being just a number.

“Tuck lady told me she had worked since she was 15 years old through to becoming a housewife and then until moving into Aden Lodge towards the end of last year.

“Despite being 94, she wanted to remain active and expressed how she missed having responsibility, so I thought about setting up a sweet shop for her.

“Ann absolutely loves it and so do the rest of the residents, as they get to have a chat as she’s doing her rounds, as well as buy tasty treats.

“Keeping active can be absolutely vital to residents’ wellbeing, whether that’s having a job to do, taking part in a regular exercise class, arts and crafts or all of the above.

“Creating a varied and bespoke mix of activities for our residents is something I love about my job and is central to the care we provide at Aden Lodge Care Home.”