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 Mapplewell care home residents share their previous hard work!

Mapplewell care home residents share their previous hard work!

By 25th October, 2021 News & Articles No Comments

Deangate residents remember their past, with a little help from their hands!

At Deangate Care Home, all of our residents have led interesting and colourful lives.

Hands can speak a thousand words, and with this in mind, some of our residents wanted to tell people what their hands said about their past and present lives.

Doreen loved and cared for her husband

Doreen said, ” These hands loved to play the piano. These hands loved and cared for my husband.
These hands love to be busy and complete a Word-search or two.”

Norah loves to dance

Norah chatted about her hands and said, “These hands were once very important hands; they belong to a former Mayoress and Councillor.
These hands helped those in need that needed a voice.
These hands have always been well-manicured and well presented.
These hands love to dance, especially the hand jive.”

All our residents had something to say

Hazel told us, “These hands worked hard for my family.
These hands still love to stay busy. These hands love to knit and sew.
These hands have always cared for others.”

Bill met Her Majesty the Queen

Bill is proud of the stories his hands have to tell, “These hands worked hard down the pit.
These hands are hardworking manly hands.
These hands have had the honour of shaking hands with Her Majesty the Queen.”

Jim travelled all over Europe

John remembered how far his hands have travelled, “These hands belong to an engineer.
These hands were in charge of hundreds of workers.
These hands are well-travelled, from Wales to Germany to Barnsley.”

Peter became a magistrate

Pete was eager to say, ” These hands were once an apprentice plumber.
These hands belong to a building control surveyor.
These hands became a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
These hands made some tough decisions as they were a magistrate for thirteen years in the Sheffield district. These hands now love photography.”

Why not join the team at Deangate Care Home?

All our Barnsley residents at Deangate Care Home have a story to tell, and often, these moments are captured for us to share. It’s lovely to be part of a team where caring for the elderly can be so engaging and rewarding. If you’re looking for career in social care and you live in the Barnsley area, please apply here:

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