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 Hill Care and the Coronavirus Outbreak

Hill Care and the Coronavirus Outbreak

By 14th September, 2021 News & Articles No Comments

At Hill Care the health and safety of our residents and staff continues to be, our top priority.
To ensure this we have followed the government guidelines throughout the pandemic to keep everyone safe, and we would like to thank family members and friends for their understanding and help with this.

Through the past few months and depending on the status of each home, we have been able to offer video calls, window, garden & pod visits, and most recently, face-to-face visits. Following the government’s road map to coming out of the pandemic we are now able to arrange visits with five nominated visitors – please note though that we are still only able to accommodate 2 people per visit, this is to ensure that risks to other residents and staff are kept to a minimum.

We ask that you continue to follow these simple guidelines:

To plan a visit

  • Please contact your care home and book your visit in advance. This will ensure that we can manage them safely and mean the appropriate cleaning and hygiene regimes are in place between visits.
  • You can now take and register your own LFT test, and forward the test result to staff; allowing you more time with your loved one. If you are showing any symptoms which could indicate covid-19 such as a raised temperature, a new and persistent cough, a loss of taste or smell and a general feeling of being unwell please do not travel to the care home as we may be forced to refuse entry to you.
  • Please ensure that you wear a disposable face mask and PPE. You will be asked to practice social distancing for the duration of your visit, although the guidelines now allow for the holding of hands.
  • Presents and gifts are allowed but they must be given to staff members before the visit, these will then be sanitised before passing them to your loved ones.
  • We can only allow one single named visitor per resident at any time. At the moment children are not allowed to visit.
  • Unfortunately visitors will not be able to use toilet facilities within the care home and refreshments are not available.
  • If a case of Covid-19 is identified we must inform Public Health England and we will contact family members to cancel all visits to the home immediately.
  • In the event that Government decides to reimpose restrictions in any areas where our homes are located, we will be forced to cancel visits until the restrictions are lifted again.

As we have done during the last few months, if you are unable to visit your family members at any of our homes, we will continue to organise video and telephone calls so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones.

Prevention of infection

  • In line with current guidelines, we are testing all of our staff teams and residents continue to receive both LFT and PCR tests. In the event of a positive result residents are cared for in their rooms for 14 days and contact with other residents is limited. If a member of staff tests positive for covid-19 they will self-isolate at home.
  • We would ask that you continue to practice the hygiene and social distancing guidelines that have been issued by Government.
  • Hand washing. It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before you visit the care home. Please make sure you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, using either hot water and soap or 60% alcohol sanitiser gel. The NHS has a video guide to effective handwashing.
  • Sneezes and coughs. We know that hay fever season will soon be here, and there are many other reasons that cause us to cough or sneeze. However, whilst visiting one of our care homes please make sure you have a tissue on you at all times so that you can catch a cough or sneeze. Remember – Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.

Hill Care will continue to review and update our guidance for our staff, in line with all the Government advice available, in order to protect everyone in our homes.

We want to reassure everyone that Hill Care continues to treat the pandemic with all due caution. We continue to follow Government guidelines and all of our actions are to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff.

For further information, please contact us on

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