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 Residents recall hundreds of years of handy highlights

Residents recall hundreds of years of handy highlights

By 13th July, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

HUNDREDS of years of collective experiences and handy lifetime highlights have been recorded by care home residents in Saltburn.

Residents living at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, on Randolph Street, have taken part in a reminiscence activity focusing on what their hands have achieved over the years.

The home’s activities coordinator, Sharon Lewis, then turned the lists into posters for residents to display in their rooms.

Bill Hewison, 90, wrote: “My hands… rode a horse in the Coldstream Guards in the 1940s” and “My hands… have built my own bungalow and rebuilt it when it was destroyed by fire.”

Dot Pailing, 74, wrote: “My hands… have rode a camel in Egypt” and “My hands… clapped my daughter when she was in the school nativity.” She added: “Clapping my daughter in the school nativity is one of my proudest moments.”

Joyce Baxtrum, 89, wrote: “My hands… Prayed every Sunday in the Methodist Chapel” and “My hands… packed 1000s of boxes in the factory.”

Joyce Tibbett, 84, wrote: “My hands… made 300 pairs of socks a day while at work in the factory” and “My hands… have held 24 great grandchildren.” She added: “For my hands to be able to hold 24 great grandchildren is a joy I could never put into words.”

Susan Turner, 94, wrote: “My hands… raised and took care of four wonderful children” and “My hands… served food to sailors when I was in the Wrens [Women’s Royal Navy Service].”

Barbara Millikin, 77, wrote: “My hands… Have played the organ in Durham Cathedral.” She added: “It is a memory that I will treasure for a lifetime.”

Activities coordinator Sharon, who came up with the “My hands…” reminiscence activity, said: “The idea came about when we were doing a poetry session and telling the story of the praying hands.

“It got residents thinking about what their hands had achieved throughout their lifetimes. I thought this would make a good activity and would look lovely framed.

“The ones we have done so far are on the walls in the residents’ bedrooms and I have sent copies to family members.

“I thought it was one of the nicest activities I have done as I love learning about the residents’ lives and they loved to reminiscence and talk about the memories that mean the most to them.

“They have done so much, as between them they have hundreds of years of experiences, memories and achievements.