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 Postcards of kindness for Chesterfield care home residents

Postcards of kindness for Chesterfield care home residents

By 7th July, 2021 Press Releases Comments Off

AUSTRALIA, Scotland and the UK are just some of the locations postcards have been arriving from for residents at a Chesterfield care home.

Springbank House Care Home, on Ashgate Road, has received dozens of cards after signing up to a Facebook group called “Postcards of Kindness”, which has over 45,000 members all over the world.

Cards started arriving for those living at the home almost immediately, with the group’s aim “to combat loneliness and isolation” and “remind our residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them.”

Among the cards was one from Australia offering well wishes for any residents who had recently enjoyed or were expecting a birthday.

Another arrived from the south eastern coastal town Eastbourne, with a photo of the Seven Sister Cliffs.

Others have come in from Chesterfield, Yorkshire, Birmingham and Manchester, with 14-year-old Daniel writing from Leeds.

In his postcard, which featured a photo of classic movie “Gone With The Wind”, Daniel asked several questions and residents have now started a pen pal relationship, responding with letters of their own.

Daniel wrote: “Do you like cooking? What was your favourite thing to make? I love baking buns as I get to lick the bowl out. We have also been doing some singing but my mum is a really bad singer. Do you enjoy singing?”

Joyce Cole, 83, a resident at Springbank House Care Home, said: “I have absolutely loved receiving the cards. The places they are coming from are so interesting. We must be famous if we’re getting cards from as far as Australia.

“I have written back to a Mrs McDonald, who lives in Coatbridge, Scotland, but we’ve been getting cards from all over, from all different ages.”

For resident John Finch, 82, the postcard from Australia was a heart-warming reminder of his correspondence with his family on the other side of the world.

He said: “My daughter Victoria lives in Sydney, Australia, and she sends photos of the grandchildren. I haven’t been able to visit but I get lots of photos and calls.”

Karen Busby, home manager at Springbank House Care Home, said: “All the postcards we’ve been receiving have been so lovely. They all say they hope the residents like them and hope they are safe and well.

“Some of the cards ask if residents like arts and crafts, as they do, and some mention grandchildren, which residents can relate to as nearly all have their own. The cards have also been sparking conversations about the places they have been for a day trip or on summer holiday.

“It’s been such a great scheme for our residents and we’re hoping it will continue, as many have been writing back, so we’re hoping to spark up a few pen pal friendships.”