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 Big Garden Birdwatch brings Thornaby’s generations together

Big Garden Birdwatch brings Thornaby’s generations together

By 29th January, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

TEESSIDE bird watchers of all ages came together to take part in the “world’s largest wildlife survey”.

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch brought together nursery children and elderly care home residents to study Thornaby’s birdlife.

Up to nine decades separated the children from The Oval Childcare Nursery, on Durham Road, and residents Mandale House Care Home, on Acklam Road.

Despite the age gap, both groups shared their findings, before submitting them to the RSPB alongside around half a million other bird watchers across the UK.

Ahead of the weekend survey, the nursery children visited the home to help residents make extra bird feeders, which they placed outside with the help of 79-year-old Eunice May Small.

The three-year-olds also discussed which birds they had seen in their own gardens with 94-year-old Irene Fleming, among other residents.

Tracey Mclone, owner of The Oval Childcare Nursery, said: “All the children had so much fun bird watching and they were looking forward to sharing their stories with the people at Mandale House.”

On the weekend of the Big Garden Birdwatch, residents were joined by staff and family members at the windows with binoculars.

Sarah Robinson, activities coordinator at Mandale House Care Home, said: “We take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch every year as our residents love watching the wildlife in our garden.

“Being a part of the largest wildlife survey in the world is amazing, knowing we’re contributing to an important insight into how the UK’s wildlife is doing.

“The event also brings together members of the local community, as we all enjoyed a visit from the children from The Oval Childcare Nursery. It was nice for them to share a common interest in Thornaby’s wildlife.

“The residents always love spending time with children. There was a very touching moment when one of the children clutched May’s hand as she felt so comfortable with her.”