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A warm welcome from the Hill Care team

Who We Are?

We specialise in providing quality personalised care for you and your loved ones and in treating everyone as an individual. Experienced professional healthcare teams and safe, comfortable accommodation facilities combine to provide residents with bespoke healthcare support & the privacy, dignity and the opportunity to make their own choices and maintain as much as independence as possible.  Planned daily routines, attention to detail, activities, entertainment and stimulating programmes create a positive family experience.

Why Choose Us?

Our immediate priority is to help you, and your family manage the transition and change around choosing a care home. We realise this emotionally difficult time needs support from experienced staff whilst everyday life simply does not stop to accommodate what can appear to be a sudden change in circumstance. Be assured that we do everything possible to support your needs and involve you in the planning process.

We specialise in offering complete care and cater to the every need of our residents. This not only means we offer exceptional levels of care, but also an improved quality of life for the people who choose to reside with us.

At Hill Care we understand that no two people are the same, which is why we offer a unique approach to care. We also recognise that, in most cases, we are often the first experience of care that a family has. We pride ourselves on maintaining every individual’s privacy, dignity and ability to manage their own lives. Never content to just maintain our high level of service we strive to improve in every area, taking into account valuable feedback from our residents and families.

Activities in our Homes

Meaningful activities are provided that are linked to life story work including hobbies or interests that the person has always enjoyed.

We recognise that activities can help a person feel connected to normal life and can maximise choice and control. Activities can act as an opportunity for fun and playfulness. They can also encourage independence, social inclusion, communication or expression of feelings. There is no definition of what activity is or what it should look like or whether something is right or wrong, it will be about what the individual chooses to be involved in.

Activities are important to everyone and we will aim to adapt activities that are meaningful to that person. It is everyone’s responsibility in the Care Home and opportunities for families to be involved in engaging with their loved ones.

Our activities co-ordinator will work with the community to help bring them into our homes as well as engage our residents in community activities outside of their home.

What should I do next?

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We know [mum] loved you and always wanted to share a kiss and a hug… We as a family will never forget your kindness to our mum and previously, our dad.

Tom and Marion Scofield, Joan David and family, Margarete and family, John Lynn and family - (family Member of resident)

God bless you all, you have very demanding jobs but do it very well

Dot and Ted Southern - (relatives of resident)

We would like to say a big thank you for making Elsie’s last few weeks of her life happy… thank you for being so kind to us, we will never forget it.

Michael and Anid - (relatives of resident)

We know that she [mother] was very happy and comfortable with her surroundings and she enjoyed the attention she received from all the staff

Relatives of resident -

Thank you to everyone who has helped look after dad. Your great care of him and your affection for him helped us more than we can say’

Relatives of resident -

Thank you for all your care and kindness given over the last six months. It was greatly appreciated by us all’

Olive, Bev, John, Jackie and Jamie -

Thank to the wonderful staff who cared for him [dad] so well. We will never forget your kindness

Nicky, Steve and Dave - Relatives of Resident

When my husband was admitted, the staff put me at ease as it was a very traumatic experience for myself and family.

Alice Perfitt - (wife of resident)

When my wife arrived here she was in the grip of a delirium but the staff gradually got her out of it with kindness and she is now fully rational and back to her old self.

Anthony Dunnill - (husband of resident)

The staff are very good and work extremely hard to ensure my father has the best possible care.

Les Walker - (son of resident)

The general attitude of the staff is happy and jokey and totally helpful… They look after my wife with respect, even down to making sure her hair looks nice in the morning.

Jeff Austin - (husband of resident)

The care staff have behaved in a most caring and compassionate way, especially when dealing with challenging behaviour. They have been without fail cheerful and most helpful including the cleaning staff.

Jane Eyre - (daughter of resident)

Whilst it was clear Mother was fast approaching the end of her life, all the staff went above and beyond what I would have expected with dealing with her.

Tony Slater - (son of resident)

My husband was treated with the utmost respect. The staff and nursing staff were all very supportive… I would have no hesitation in recommending The Gables Nursing Home.

Janice Blackwood - (wife of resident)

The staff go the extra mile with care, compassion and a “can do” attitude- nothing is a trouble.

Sharon White - (relative of resident)

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