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 Yoga brings babies and elderly together

Yoga brings babies and elderly together

By 30th July, 2019 Press Releases Comments Off

YOGA is bringing babies and elderly together at a Teesside care home.

Residents in their 70s to 90s are joining children as young as seven weeks for the Kalma Baby sessions at Ingleby Care Home, on Lamb Lane, Ingleby Barwick.

The sessions involve parents and carers helping to roll their children on exercise balls, gently sway them in hammocks, play with balloons and other toys.

The home’s residents get involved playing with the children as well as holding them between activities.

The sessions have proved successful for both groups, providing therapeutic benefits and bringing the two generations together.

Resident Elizabeth Donnelly, 83, who has a daughter and a son, said: “When I was told we were having baby yoga I didn’t think they meant real babies.

“I gave up work when I was younger to raise my children and I would do it all over again.”

Joyce Muir, 82, who has a son, said: “I love this age. They are really cute and these babies are so well behaved.”

Jean Anderson, 95, added: “I didn’t know whether I would enjoy this activity as I was never one for children, as I enjoyed traveling the country, but I really enjoyed it.

“They were so small and seeing them lift up and trying to catch the bubbles was lovely. I didn’t want to hold one as I was frightened I would drop them.”

Carol Singleton, home manager at Ingleby Care Home, said: “We’ve been hosting the Kalma Baby sessions for several months now and they’ve been hugely successful.

“There are always so many babies and parents taking part and they bring so much energy and joy into the home.

“The residents thoroughly enjoy participating and, for many, it brings back fond memories of playing with their own children when they were young.”