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 Shirly drops her zimmer and dons her dancing shoes

Shirly drops her zimmer and dons her dancing shoes

By 6th September, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

A MOBILITY miracle takes place every time octogenarian care home resident Shirly Naylor is near a dance floor.

When the music starts, the 82-year-old drops her zimmer and struts her stuff without the assistance of a frame or stick.

Staff at Ingleby Care Home, in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees, were surprised during a recent line dancing activity when Shirly decided to join in.

She left her zimmer frame at the side of the dance floor and walked into the middle of the group to take part in the choreographed steps.

Other staff members had seen Shirly perform previously, when she took to the dance floor at local pub The Roundel during a senior citizens lunch.

Entertainer Pete Matlock was singing for the residents when Shirly joined fellow resident Annabelle Hubbard for a boogie.

Shirly said: “I used to dance at my local social club but it’s only as I’ve gotten older that I feel I have to jump up and have a dance at any opportunity.

“I hate that I have to use a walking frame and the dancing makes me feel normal.”

The care home regularly uses dance activities to keep residents active, including a dance aerobics class in the garden during the sunny summer weather.

The armchair activity, run by Billingham-based social enterprise Nouveau Wellbeing, is designed to improve residents’ mobility, confidence and social interaction.

While most residents remained seated shaking their maracas and tambourines, Shirly was on her feet, bobbing along to the music.

Kirsty Walsh, activities coordinator at Ingleby Care Home, on Lamb Lane, said: “Shirly has used her zimmer since coming to the home in February.

“She needs it to get around the home but it always comes as quite a surprise to those who haven’t seen her abandon it for a dance.

“She loves to dance at any opportunity, and she can do it without her frame, but she does still need the assistance of it to get about.”

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