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 Saltburn care home resident becomes Lord of the Manor

Saltburn care home resident becomes Lord of the Manor

By 5th August, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

A LORDSHIP has been bestowed on a Saltburn care home resident after staff purchased land on his behalf as a surprise gift.

The honorary title has been given to Donald Ingledew, 89, who lives at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, on Randolph Street.

Staff had the idea of purchasing the title after Donald placed a note wishing for a surprise on the home’s wish tree.

The home’s activities coordinator Sharon Lewis saw an offer on e-commerce marketplace Groupon for a lordship title from Hougun Manor, in Coniston.

The gift contains a gold embossed personalised title certificate, legal deed, five square feet of dedicated land, title crest postcard and a personalised welcome letter.

Donald now has the legal right to use the honorific title Lord, including on his personal documents, as well as use of the title and estate crests.

A small ceremony was held at the care home to award him with his framed certificate, when residents toasted the newly titled Lord Ingledew with a glass of Lambrini.

Donald said: “It was a lovely gathering with all my friends from the home and an amazing surprise.

“I was as proud to receive my title as when my father got awarded his MBE in 1943 for saving the lives of 10 men during the Second World War.

“He was on a ship that was torpedoed and got the men off the ship whilst it was on fire and into a dingy, where he kept their spirits up until they reached dry land and were rescued.”

Activities coordinator Sharon said: “As Donald’s wish on our wish tree was to have a surprise we bought him a lordship.

“He now owns five square feet of land at Hougun Manor, Coniston, which he said is one of his favourite places in the world.

“His cousin sent him a WhatsApp message after the investiture ceremony to congratulate him.

“I’m sure he is going to take his lordship seriously as when everyone was getting a bit rowdy he called the room to order.”