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 Postcards of Kindness arrive at Hartlepool care home

Postcards of Kindness arrive at Hartlepool care home

By 30th January, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

THAILAND and Switzerland are just some of the places postcards of kindness have been arriving from for care home residents in Hartlepool.

Queens Meadow Care Home, on Stockton Road, started receiving the postcards after the home signed up to Facebook group “Postcards of Kindness”.

The home’s activities coordinator, Debbie Wilkes, got the home listed so holiday-goers and pen pals could write to residents.

The aim of the group: “To combat loneliness and isolation across the country and remind our residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them – regardless of where in the world the postcards have come from.”

Alongside the postcards from abroad, Queens Meadow’s residents have started corresponding with three-year-old Joanne in Wales, after she included her address on her first postcard.

They are also receiving regular correspondence from Hannah in Blackpool, who writes to the residents about the places she has visited.

Joan Robinson, who lives at Queens Meadow Care Home, said: “I always enjoy sending and receiving the postcards. It gives me something else to think about.”

Debbie, who came up with the idea of signing the home up to the scheme, said: “I was looking through Facebook and came across the Postcards of Kindness group.

“After we got added, we started to send postcards to others on the list, and also started receiving postcards quite quickly. We are getting them from all over the country and several from overseas.

“The correspondence keeps coming and we always respond to those who leave an address. It’s been brilliant for the residents and everyone always gets excited to see where the latest postcard has come from.

“Anyone who would like to write to our residents can either join the Postcards of Kindness Facebook group and find out details in the pinned document or send them to Queens Meadow Care Home, 327 Stockton Road, Hartlepool, County Durham, TS25 5DF.”