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 Pop-up museum has elderly recalling Everest ascent and the Blitz

Pop-up museum has elderly recalling Everest ascent and the Blitz

By 17th January, 2024 Press Releases No Comments

A POP-UP museum of curiosities had elderly residents in a North Yorkshire care home recalling the first ascent of Everest and the Blitz during the Second World War.

Those living at Beechwood Care Home, on Romanby Road, Northallerton, remembered reading about Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay’s historic ascent of the world’s tallest mountain in 1953 after seeing vintage newspaper coverage.

Jean Spiller, 89, said: “I remember when the men conquered Everest. This is amazing. I never expected to see something like this.”

The old newspapers were among the items for residents to peruse in the pop-up museum, including a display called “smells of the Blitz”, which brought back strong memories for 92-year-old Joan Hunt.

She said: “I was seven and heard about the war being declared on the radio. I remember bursting into tears and running into the field on our farm. My sister came after me and told me it would all be alright, and she was right.”

Other display items included Victorian and Edwardian era medicines, old fashioned household products, and antique toys.

The cabinet of old remedies included fake cocaine drops for toothache and tobacco treatments for asthma and bronchitis. Surf washing powder, Murray Mints, and carbolic soap were included in the home section, and there were dozens of old school photos and posters.

Residents at the care home have been enjoying examining the curated items, some of which have sparked strong memories from their younger days.

Joanne Porter, activities coordinator at Beechwood Care Home said: “It was wonderful to have the pop-up museum at Beechwood.

“We had so many conversations as residents shared their memories about the different displays. They loved talking about the old newspapers and about going to see their favourite movie stars.

“The toy shop and toys brought back lots of memories of the games residents used to play. We all laughed about playing marbles and agreed that we couldn’t get down on the floor to play with them now.”

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