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 Peacock pays care home photography club a visit

Peacock pays care home photography club a visit

By 22nd June, 2021 Press Releases Comments Off

NORTHALLERTON care home residents have been exploring their creativity using cameras after they set up a photography club.

With some not having taken a photo since the days of black and white film, residents at Beechwood Care Home, Romanby Road, have been getting to grips with digital SLRs and iPads.

In searching for suitable subjects, residents were visited by local celebrity Percy the Peacock, who is known for wandering Romanby and is often seen near the care home.

Percy proudly displayed his tail feathers to the delight of the gathered photographers, who snapped away at the posing peacock.

Jean Longstaff, 85, said: “I was keen to try and snap a picture of peacock Percy, who put on quite a display. He positioned himself in the perfect stance and displayed his beautiful tail feathers, which meant I could get a fantastic picture of him.”

Plants and insects have also been the focus of attention, with residents using their cameras’ zoom functions to get a close-up view.

Cliff Ward, 74, said: “It’s amazing the way you can bring nature up close even though I’m not able to lay down or lean over to get physically closer to the subject.

“It was fascinating how the new cameras worked. I loved that the iPad can take photos. It was surprising not needing a traditional camera anymore.”

John Duncalf, 88, said: “I only had a Box Brownie camera for holiday snaps. It’s fascinating to see all the colours you can capture with these new cameras. I only remember black and white photos.

“It’s also fascinating that with digital cameras you can get rid of the photos that aren’t any good, unlike the cameras I used, where you had to take the film to be developed.”

Barbara Robinson, activities coordinator at Beechwood Care Home, said: “We use photography as a mindfulness activity for the residents.

“They are able to observe minutely the pollen, petals and stems of the flowers and mini-beasts in the gardens.

“We also received a visit from Percy the Peacock while we were outside taking photos and he was gracious enough to pose for a few snaps. Our resident Jean got a fantastic shot of him.

“I’ve also managed to acquire a Box Brownie camera, which is on its way to me. Resident John was overjoyed with the news and is looking forward to getting his hands on it and comparing it with the digital tools we have today.

“When it’s safe to do so, we’re planning to hold an exhibition of residents’ photos at the care home.”