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 Nursery’s £1,000 win shared with care home

Nursery’s £1,000 win shared with care home

By 1st October, 2018 Press Releases Comments Off

NURSERY children who won £1,000 in a reading and writing competition have shared their prize with elderly care home residents.

Brookhill House Day Nursery, in Stapleford, won the money after entering the Nottinghamshire Poem 2018 competition.

Part of their entry included photos of the children reading with residents at Longmoor Lodge Care Home, in Sandiacre.

They beat hundreds of other nurseries in Nottinghamshire and used part of the funds to buy supplies for activities between the children and elderly residents.

This included baby soft dolls, blocks, laces, sensory tubs, a blow-up hoop game, water painting materials and books. The rest of the funds were used for nursery supplies.

The children have since visited Longmoor Lodge Care Home, on Longmoor Lane, to take part in activities using the new toys and equipment.

Resident Pauline Jess, 77, read one of the children’s favourite books to them, called “Family Life in Pictures”. It features photos from traditional family events, such as meals, weddings, gatherings with elderly relatives and more.

Pauline said: “We talked about each picture and linked them to our own family times.”

Another resident, Betty Bonsal, 91, said: “I felt like a teacher with all the children round me while I showed the picture cards and explained what each was about.”

Staff from Brookhill House Day Nursery, on Brookhill Street, have been bringing children for regular visits to the care home throughout the year.

Nursery manager Jane Harker said: “The children have visited before to share their favourite books with the residents. They also wrote to them afterwards to say how much they enjoyed their visits.

“We used photos and examples of the letters to enter the Poem 2018 competition. We were absolutely delighted to win.

“We chose to use some of the prize money for joint activities between the children and residents because they all really enjoy spending time together.”

Samantha Ely, home manager at Longmoor Lodge Care Home, said: “It was so kind of the nursery to use their prize winnings for activities our residents could take part in alongside the children.

“The residents always love seeing the children and were particularly excited on their last visit as they brought along loads of new toys, books and games.

“A lovely morning was spent by all and we look forward to their next visit.”