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 Memory boards mark Dignity Action Day in Newcastle

Memory boards mark Dignity Action Day in Newcastle

By 5th February, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

ELDERLY care home residents in Newcastle have been creating collages of their favourite memories to mark Dignity Action Day – Dignity in Care.

Residents of Waverley Lodge Care Home, in Lemington Newcastle, shared photos and stories from travelling the world to being a lifelong fan of The Magpies.

The reminiscence activity involved them making memory boards that will go on display in the home.

Catherine Calloway, 86, remembered how her husband was the love of her life.

She ran a B&B and hosted exchange students from all over the world, establishing lasting friendships that saw her invited to many of their weddings.

She was also an avid traveller, visiting New York, Japan, China and her favourite destination of Australia.

Fellow resident and Newcastle United fan Alex Hewitson, 76, said he lived in Throckley and even recalled the wallpaper in his childhood home.

He remembered being a naughty child, dressing in the Edwardian Teddy Boy style in the 1950s, and his mum always being called into school.

Julie Booth, home manager of Waverley Lodge Care Home, on Bewick Crescent, said: “We celebrate Dignity Action Day – Dignity in Care every year to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest standards of care for our residents.

“The memory boards activity was a great way to provide a memorable day for everyone living at the home.

“Reminiscence activities are very therapeutic for those living in care, as everyone enjoys sharing their favourite memories and the positive emotions they stimulate.”

Dignity Action Day – Dignity in Care promotes the right to dignity and encourages the provision a memorable day for those living in care.

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