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 Hawaiian cocktail party hosted by Blyth elderly

Hawaiian cocktail party hosted by Blyth elderly

By 19th January, 2018 Press Releases No Comments

A TASTE of Hawaii came to a care home Northumberland as residents threw a themed cocktail party.

Inflatable palm trees and exotic animal decorations were put up, Hawaiian flowery lei were donned and classic music was played.

The cocktail making kit was brought out and dry January was forgotten as The Oaks Care Home’s “After 6 Club” got into the spirit.

The residents’ club decides on each evening’s activity, usually turning the TV off and the music on – with 50s and 60s songs being their favourites.

On this occasion, they wanted to learn how to make classic cocktails, such as Black Nail and OId Maple, as well as mocktails, for those wanting an alcohol-free drink.

Close friends, resident Les Burns and the home’s maintenance man Chris Sorgorski, took the opportunity to share a tipple.

Les said: “It was great fun to spend time with my friend Chris.”

Chris added: “It’s wonderful to see Les have such a good time, relaxing with the ladies.”

Ann Mielnik, home manager at The Oaks Care Home, on Durban Street, in Blyth, said: “The home’s residents have an After 6 Club when they decide to do fun things to stimulate their interest.

“This time, they chose to have a go at making cocktails they’d never tasted before, which everyone agreed was a fantastic idea for a Friday night.

“We believe it’s important to give the residents freedom to choose their own entertainment and activities and a cocktail party was a great way to bring in the weekend.

“We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

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