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 Elderly celebrate the Summer Solstice with drumming session

Elderly celebrate the Summer Solstice with drumming session

By 21st June, 2019 Press Releases Comments Off

THE SOUND of drums welcomed the Summer Solstice at a Middlesbrough care home.

Residents at The Gables Care Home, on Highfield Road, banged their own special beat to celebrate the longest day of the year.

The music session was led by Allison O’Neill, the owner of Saltburn based Guiding Light School of Holistic Education and Healing, who has run Rainbow Tai Chi sessions for residents previously.

She brought maracas, a gong, Tibetan singing bowl, a traditional Irish drum called a bodhran, rain sticks and a large “grandmother” drum to the care home for the session.

Resident Mary McLean, who has dementia and struggles to communicate verbally, took to playing the bodhran and singing bowl.

Fellow resident Jim Haslam, who was initially reluctant to participate, also started banging the big drum with his walking stick.

Jessica Sumner, activities coordinator at The Gables Care Home, said: “Although everyone started out with their own rhythm, after a short time they all synchronised the beat and played out a rhythm.

“After the session everyone was smiling and feeling very relaxed.

“I love trying new things with the residents. You see a different aspect of the person when you do activities that are out of the norm. The residents really open up about different events from their lives. It’s very special.”