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 Danny’s Legacy host afternoon tea party at Hartlepool care home

Danny’s Legacy host afternoon tea party at Hartlepool care home

By 29th November, 2023 Press Releases No Comments

AN AFTERNOON tea party came to a Hartlepool care home when mental health awareness group Danny’s Legacy paid a visit.

The group performed music from the 1960s and 70s and served up tasty treats, including cakes, sandwiches, and other finger foods, for the residents at Queens Meadow Care Home, on Stockton Road.

Classics including Lipstick on Your Collar, by Connie Francis, had residents and staff on their feet dancing and singing along in between helpings of Battenberg.

Two members of Danny’s Legacy have relatives who live at the home, so they wanted to hold the party as part of their community outreach activities.

Ali Murphy, whose mother, Margaret Graham, is at Queens Meadow Care Home, said: “Queens Meadow has a special place in our hearts. Myself, Julie and Ally have family here.

“We previously raised funds for the residents but now we wanted to do something more personal in their own environment. Having the event here will help to include them all and help them get into the Christmas spirit.”

Margaret, 83, said: “My Ali is one of the girls who helped make this happen. She’s so good to me and everyone here. I’m proud of the woman she is. All the ladies really care. We are all so grateful.”

Claire Ross, another member of Danny’s Legacy, said: “My friends’ mams are in this home and, since we have previously lost mothers of our own and we know some residents may not have any family, we wanted to pull together and remind others that we have each other, especially at Christmas time.”

Danny’s Legacy was established in memory of Danny Thorpe, from Hartlepool, who took his own life in March 2020.

Danny’s mum, Dawn Cheney, set up the group to raise awareness of mental health issues. She said: “It was a massive shock as Danny had never shown any signs that he was struggling with his mental health.

“As a family, along with some of my closest best friends, we decided that Danny’s death would not be in vain. We decided that we would do whatever we could to raise awareness of the silent killer.

“As part of that, we vowed to support anyone or any community who needs us, particularly focusing on mental health.

“Two of my best friends, Julie Horner and Ali Murphy, both have their mothers being cared for in Queens Meadow and we supported the home and residents earlier this year by raising money that we donated to the residents’ fund.

“We were happy to donate, raise funds, provide entertainment and were excited to bring afternoon tea with a few songs to all the residents and staff in Danny’s name.

Louise Nicholson, a carer at Queens Meadow Care Home, said: “The residents loved the get together. They talked about it for days, saying how much of a good time they had and how lovely and fun the ladies were from Danny’s Legacy.”

Resident Iris Harker, 96, said: “I couldn’t stop smiling. The girls were lovely and so were the cakes.”

Home manager Rachael Smith added: “We can’t thank the ladies from Danny’s Legacy enough for bringing afternoon tea, music and laughter into our home. The residents and staff had a wonderful time. Everyone is now looking forward to the next event hosted by the group.”

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