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 Bucket list VR world tour for care home residents

Bucket list VR world tour for care home residents

By 22nd January, 2021 Press Releases Comments Off

A BUCKET list tour of the world has been completed by Sheffield care home residents – despite travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

Residents at The Limes Care Home, on Manchester Road, made a bucket list of places they would have liked to visit during their lifetimes.

Instead of planning expensive getaways when international lockdown restrictions are lifted, the residents took to virtual reality experiences on their tablet computers.

They also created digital postcards using an app that generates a background of the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Statue of Liberty, among other tourist sites.

Resident Joyce Keen, 95, had always wanted to visit New York. She said: “I want to see all of the big buildings in the city that never sleeps and the Statue of Liberty. I would have loved to have visited Lady Liberty but never got to see her and this is the closest experience.”

Audrey Barnes, 85, chose Paris for her VR holiday. She said: “I loved the experience. The Eiffel Tower looked really amazing.”

Renee Burkinshaw, 96, took a trip to Disneyland Paris from the comfort of her armchair. She said: “The place looks magical.”

Jean Cooper, 90, took a tour of Sydney. She said: “I always wanted to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge and watch the New Year fireworks display. It was great to do it virtually.”

The home’s activities coordinator, Joe Atkins, downloaded an app called VR Experiences onto the home’s tablets, which enabled the residents to take 3D tours of their dream holiday destinations.

He said: “I really loved seeing the residents smiling faces and hearing them talk about the places they always wanted to visit but were never able to go.

“Doing a tour that included the top of the Eiffel Tower meant that they could get to the top without having to climb all the steps.

“As well as the residents, the activity also had a positive effect on the staff, who enjoyed talking to the residents about their holidays and the sights they have seen.

“Although we can’t take residents out at the moment, creating a virtual bucket list for everyone and then visiting those places around the world has given everyone a really different, uplifting experience.

“They are all talking about where they’re going to go on VR holiday next.”