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 Bodybuilders wanted for special care home performance

Bodybuilders wanted for special care home performance

By 4th February, 2020 Press Releases Comments Off

BODYBUILDERS are wanted by a Huddersfield care home hoping to host a show for a resident and fan.

David Heliwell, 50, used to take part in bodybuilding before Huntington’s Disease stopped him training 20 years ago.

Despite the debilitating disease, which leads to uncontrollable movements and declining cognitive function, David has continued to follow his beloved sport.

In recent years, he’s been unable to attend any shows, so staff at Aden Mount Care Home, on Perseverance Street, Huddersfield, are trying to organise one for him at the home.

David, who has lived at Aden Mount for a year, will be moving into independent accommodation soon. So staff are appealing for any local bodybuilders to put on a special performance for his leaving party.

The former engineer said: “I used to train at Top Bodies, at Chapel Hill, to get fit. I could deadlift 150kg and used to do separate leg and arm training days.

“I enjoyed lifting weights and looking good. I definitely miss the training and the friends I made. And I miss my six pack.”

Holly Latcham, home manager at Aden Mount Care Home, said: “We knew David was always very active and loved sports.

“When he moved into the home we got him a pool table, which had the added benefit of improving his balance and concentration. Plus, the other residents love to watch and cheer him on.

“We also learned of his love of bodybuilding and have been wanting to organise a show for him at the home.

“We’re appealing to any local bodybuilders to get in touch if they would like to put on a special performance at the home for David, as well as his fellow residents, staff and visitors. It would be great to organise this before he leaves us, to give him an extra-special send-off.

“Anyone who is willing to take part can call the home on 01484 515019 or email me at”